Special Thanks

THANK YOU!! We are so grateful for the amazing community of women who inspire, nurture and support us every day! Over the past seven years so many of you creative and thoughtful women have shared your valuable time, resources, feedback and ideas with us. Speak To Me exists for you and because of you!!

We also want to give special mention to the following committee of advisors who have been an invaluable resource for our organization through its development and beyond. We are deeply appreciative of all you do to help make Speak To Me events a reality.

Susan Berke
Christine Bronstein
Candra Canning
Carey Condy
Binay Curtis
Janice Dunn
Kristine Erving
Deborah Goldman
Julie Gordon White
Meagan Grant
Jill Heatherington
Chris Hill
Erica Hunt
Liz Keating
Alicia Kjeldgaard
Susan Lauer
Tara Sophia Mohr
Dianne Morrison
Shasta Nelson
Wendy Nichols

Sheryl O’Laughlin
Mary O’Mara
Jenny Potter
Carolyn Preis
Cynthia Pillsbury
Kelly Reade
Meghan Riley
Holly Ruxin
Lisa Shanower
Ronnie Sharpe
Jeri Stoeber
Karen Polite Sullivan
Gibson Thomas
Kathleen Craven Van Dien
Wendy Wallbridge