Work and Flexibility:
Why Women Will Lead the Way

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Stacey and Katrina are leading the way in helping women find new ways to enjoy satisfying careers and be the mothers and spouses we want to be. Come find out what trends they are seeing, the tools available for more balance, satisfaction and sanity and what it all means for you. “So amazing to hear Katrina’s story and encouraging to hear the progress being made and what we can do.”


Katrina Alcorn | Writer, blogger, experience design consultant and author of “Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink” a look at the juggle of work and family, parent burn out, and what’s wrong with work and how to fix it.

Katrina is an author, consultant, and expert on why women burn out at work. Katrina's first book, "MAXED OUT: American Moms on the Brink" is a brave memoir about her own experience as a working mom trying to juggle and stay above water while managing two full-time jobs - that of mother and professional. Katrina spent 13+ years in the fast-paced world of high-tech and Internet design, leading strategic consulting engagements with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and large non-profits in a variety of industries and now speaks publicly at conferences such as The Commonwealth Club, SXSW Interactive, and TEDxMonterey. Her writing has appeared many places including The New York Times (Motherlode),, and The Huffington Post. Maxed Out MomsThrough her blog, Working Moms Break, she has given thousands of women from around the world a forum to share their struggles and advice on how to work and raise a family at the same time. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and children.


Stacey Brooks Delo | Founder, “where smart moms help each other find flexible careers”. Journalist. Connector. Passionate believer in asking for what you need to strike the right balance for yourself in the workplace.

Stacey Delo is an accomplished journalist who helped build the online video team at The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. She hosted one of the Journal’s groundbreaking live video programs, “Digits,” anchoring and covering the day’s technology news. Stacey graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and holds a Masters from American University. After having her daughter in 2010, Stacey negotiated her work-week down to three days. This process led her to realize the need for a resource like — a website resource where smart moms could find flexible job opportunities that allowed them to continue being highly skilled contributors at work and at home. Stacey lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco, California.