Playing Big:
Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message

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When women play big, we change the world. So how do we push away that self-doubt, stand boldly with our big ideas and start playing bigger in this chapter of our lives? Based on her book "Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message", Tara will teach us how to trust our instincts, identify our callings, “unhook” from praise and criticism, and begin taking bold and wise action. “Tara was amazing! Not the usual talk that tells you what you already know. She provided tips that are easy to take immediate action on and her message was both relevant and striking. Can’t wait to read her book!”


Tara Sophia Mohr | Author of "Playing Big" and "10 Rules For Brilliant Women", expert on women’s leadership and the implementation of practical skills to make real change in oneself and the world and creator of the acclaimed Playing Big leadership program for women.

Tara Sophia Mohr is the founder of the global Playing Big leadership program for women. An expert on women’s leadership and well-being with a deep commitment to amplifying women’s voices, Tara empowers women to play bigger in their work and in their lives. With an MBA from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in English literature from Yale, Tara takes a unique approach that blends inner work with practical skills training, and weaves together both intellectual rigor and intuitive wisdom. Her “10 Rules for Brilliant Women” have struck a chord with hundreds of thousands of women around the world. In 2010, Tara was honored as a Girl Champion by the Girl Effect organization, which supports girls’ education in the developing world. Tara is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has been featured in national media ranging from The TODAY Show and Harvard Business Review to Whole Living and Woman’s Day.