Breast Cancer in Marin:
The Myths, the Facts, and the Science

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Learn how to separate fact from fiction about the risks of breast cancer and how you can play an active role in your health. Plus hear about incidence rates in Marin and get answers to questions on every women’s mind about their breast health. “What a great speaker! Informative and somewhat surprising info about why our breast cancer rates are so high here. Great advice on what we can do to protect ourselves!”


Leah Kelley, M.D. | Breast and Gynecologic Surgeon at Marin General Hospital, expert in state-of-the-art breast cancer and gynecological care, and honored as one of the “Top Doctors in Marin in 2014”.

Dr. Leah Kelley is a physician specializing in breast and gynecologic surgery. While a medical student, Dr. Kelley developed a lifelong passion for women's health and went on to complete a fellowship in breast surgical oncology at the University of Southern California, studying under Dr. Melvin Silverstein. Combining state-of-the-art breast surgical care with a holistic approach to breast cancer and gynecologic care, Dr. Kelley strives to bring the best of women's healthcare to each patient. Dr. Kelley lives in Oakland. She is an avid runner, cyclist and outdoorswoman.