Building Community. Connecting Women. Empowering through knowledge.

Speak To Me offers partners the chance to build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Our partners differentiate themselves as valued leaders committed to intelligent, empowering, influential, mature women at the heart of our families, businesses and communities.

Our programs penetrate three Bay Area counties with a reach of well over 4.6M to both the Speak To Me audience and beyond. They are based on a customized targeted approach, providing a high impact, meaningful experience coupled with an on-going connection via online channels to maximize your exposure and create brand preference and loyalty over time.

Knowing that each business is unique, we are happy to create a program to meet your exact needs.

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Each event attracts an average of 200 women. This season, our targeted email marketing campaign will reach 4,000+ women.


94% have college degrees
56% completed post-graduate study


89% have an annual household income over $100K
50% have an annual household income above $250K

Bay Area, midlife moms

Generally range in age from 35-60 years old
Primarily residents of Marin and San Francisco
89% have children


Women who are not only financial decision makers in their homes, but also thought leaders and key influencers in their communities, businesses, schools and social networks.

  • 62% consider themselves early adopters of new ideas or products
  • Many are leaders in their school organizations, sit on non-profit boards, and pursue a wide range of personal, professional and athletic interests.


75% eat out 1-2 times a week
76% have a career outside the home
41% are entrepreneurs or small business owners
39% are involved in their PTA or other school association
51% volunteer in the community
30% serve on a Board
14% participate in a local arts organization

Active and sophisticated

For fun they love to engage their mind, body and spirit through…
95% Sports/exercise/yoga/dance
85% Dining out
81% Reading
74% Travel
60% Entertaining
63% Attend concert or other performing arts
57% Cooking


Active users of Facebook (82%), Instagram (43%), LinkedIn (61%) and Twitter (27%)