Our Story

Jenny, Terry, Christina

Jenny Terry, Tracy Barsotti, Christina Forté

Inspired by the fabulous women among us in the Bay Area, and after endless conversations with many of you, we created Speak to Me to stimulate thought and discussion, facilitate the swapping of stories and experiences, and enjoy the magic that happens when women come together.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inform, inspire and connect women in our community around important, relevant topics and empower them to make a difference in the world around them. We believe the more informed, connected and inspired we are as women, the better we feel and the stronger our families, schools, businesses and communities become.

The Team

Speak To Me founders Jenny Terry and Tracy Barsotti were friends before they had husbands and babies, but didn’t get a chance to work together until they both spearheaded fundraising events for the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Sharing a desire to bring inspiration, education and a stronger sense of community to the fabulous women they encountered in the Bay Area, they hatched a plan to put their business, brand, marketing and event-planning skills to work. With complimentary experience and management styles, and a passion for making a new idea a reality – a wonderful partnership was born.

Christina Forté, with her strong consumer marketing and media background and passion for making a difference in the world, joined our team in our first season shortly after attending a Speak To Me event that energized and inspired her to join our passionate, dedicated team.

Valerie Weber, with her passion for growing an organization that empowers women, joined our team to manage our growing operations and deliver the best possible experience to the community of women and partners we serve.

Jenny Posta Terry, Co-Founder, CEO
Tracy Barsotti, Co-Founder, Strategic Advisor
Christina Forté, Strategic Advisor
Valerie Weber, Community Concierge